DISCIPLESHIP :-1. A guide to present day students who waste their life on decayed Communists thoughts, Think about Swami Vivekananda who in his short life span how much his contribution to the world, be like him, follow Swamiji for your Enlightenment - and not Yechuries, Rahuls, or Kejriwals.




Ref : Rohith Vemula had organised meeting for Memon: V K Singh :

IBN Live - 05 March 2016

Vrindavan: Union Minister V K Singh on Saturday targeted JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar for calling Rohith Vemula his inspiration, alleging that the Dalit scholar had organised a meeting in support of Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon.

"I read in newspapers today that a JNU student leader says that he does not draw inspiration from Afzal Guru but Rohith Vemula. I told myself that Rohith Vemula too had organised a meeting for Yakub Memon.

"Are we with those people who encourage terrorism and who abuse India?" he told a convention of BJYM, the youth wing of BJP.

At a time when BJP has been trying to play down the row over the suicide of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad university, Singh's remarks could fuel the controversy further as the Minister questioned his "support" for Memon, who was hanged for his role in Mumbai blasts.

Kumar, out on bail in a sedition case, had said yesterday that he considers Rohith an inspiration and not Afzal Guru, the Parliament attack convict in whose support slogans were allegedly raised at a JNU event prompting the police action.

Singh called upon the youth workers to spread nationalism and tell people how to take the country ahead when "fissiparous forces" are at work.

The Minister of State for External Affairs also spoke at length about the Modi government's foreign policy and said the government had succeeded in strengthening its relations with many countries, including neighbours like Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Every country wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit it due to his popularity, he said.


All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

(Delivered in San Francisco, on March 29, 1900)
By Swami Vivekananda 

My subject is "Discipleship". 

I do not know how you will take what I have to say. 

It will be rather difficult for you to accept it — the ideals of teachers and disciples in this country vary so much from those in ours.

An old proverb of India comes to my mind : -

"There are hundreds of thousands of teachers, but it is hard to find one disciple." 

It seems to be true. The one important thing in the attainment of spirituality is the attitude of the pupil. When the right attitude is there, illumination comes easily.

What does the disciple need in order to receive the truth? 

The great sages say that to attain truth takes but the twinkling of an eye — it is just a question of knowing — the dream breaks. 

How long does it take? In a second the dream is gone. When the illusion vanishes, how long does it take? Just the twinkling of an eye. 

When I know the truth, nothing happens except that the falsehood vanishes away : -

I took the rope for the snake, and now I see it is the rope. It is only a question of half a second and the whole thing is done. 

Thou art That. Thou art the Reality. How long does it take to know this? 

If we are God and always have been so, not to know this is most astonishing. To know this is the only natural thing. It should not take ages to find out what we have always been and what we now are.

Yet it seems difficult to realise this self-evident truth. Ages and ages pass before we begin to catch a faint glimpse of it. God is life; God is truth. 

We write about this; we feel in our inmost heart that this is so, that everything else than God is nothing — here today, gone tomorrow.

 And yet most of us remain the same all through life. We cling to untruth, and we turn our back upon truth. We do not want to attain truth. 

We do not want anyone to break our dream. You see, the teachers are not wanted. Who wants to learn? 

"But if anyone wants to realise the truth and overcome illusion, if he wants to receive the truth from a teacher, he must be a true disciple."

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