The Realisation of the Absolute :4-4.6.

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 4.6.

4. Space, Time and Causation-6.

The nature of every object is said to be fivefold—existence, consciousness, joy, name, form. Of these, existence-consciousness-joy constitutes the self-identical immediate reality of everything, and hence it can never cease to be.

This ceaseless Self-Perfection is the Absolute.

The name and the form of the world, together with its contents, are only an apparition in the Real.

If the Absolute is the sole Reality, space, time and causation can only be meaningless terms.

“All this is what this Self is.” —Brih. Up., II. 4. 6.

“This is the Self, this is the Immortal, this is the Absolute, this is all Existence.” —Brih. Up., II. 5. 1.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...