The Realisation of the Absolute : 4. 5.2.

 Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 5.2

 5. Brahman as God or Ishvara-2.

The human mind cannot be said to comprehend Reality from its own standpoint.
We cannot see through the Real and say, “thus is the Real,” for the Real as Real is known only in self-identical, non-objective experience.
The Absolute Truth cannot be expressed, or even thought; else, thereby, it would lose its Truth-hood and become untruth.
Our Absolute is the conceptual Absolute, and this highest conceptual is “God” or “Ishvara”, the determinate Real, the object of pious meditation and of the highest form of devotion, para-bhakti, while Brahman is the eternal subject of pure indeterminate knowledge.

The relative intellect seeks to find a solution for the difficulties that are presented by the notion of the independence of the world and the individual’s experiences therein.
The causal argument leads it to find support in a conceptual reality which would explain the world without abandoning the idea of causality.
The intellect, being inextricably bound by the causal chain, cannot comprehend that Reality which is beyond causation and its concomitants.

The pure Indivisible Being cannot be the object of the understanding working through the phenomenal categories.
The general tendency among human beings is to feel the necessity for a Supreme Ruler who would dispense justice and apportion the fruits of their thoughts and actions.
Swami Krishnananda
 To be continued  ..



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