Chief Minster, Kerala, Nothing to learn from BJP, in Food-Security programme of the Centre!!!




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Sub : Chief Minster, Kerala, Nothing to learn from BJP, in Food-Security programme of the Centre

Ref : Food Security Policy, Kerala not yet executing the policy, request Opposition Parties cooperation- Prime Minister.

 Media Report : dt.04/03/2016

CM Oommen Chandy : this policy was already executed in Kerala, before the central government law, without understanding,  PM MODI has pronounced a wrong statement against the state government, mentioned this while inaugurating district convention of UDF ar Kozhikode.

Now let us analyse this :

1. Kerala  is importing, vegetables from neighbouring states, these vegetables are extremely infected by dangerous pesticides, affecting the public health.

2. Kerala is importing cows, buffaloes ( beef ) from neighbouring states, these animals majority, in bad health, in pity conditions, almost died before being butchered.

3. Kerala stable food rice is imported, from neighbouring states, enter the market, along with the supply department, blackmarket the centre subsidised rice,wheat., etc.,

4. The coconut production is failed / reduced in the state because of state's negligence.

5. No rice production, farmers are suffered lot because of various congress  and  communist government earlier,

6. Communist, executed, stupid land reforms, only for paddy cultivated lands, and not plantations,

7. Heavy levy on paddy, at the time of harvest, from the farmers.

8. Grabbed lands from farmers, as the government has put a limit in holding lands used for paddy and other cultivations in the agriculture sides.

9. Farming lands are misused for real estate mafias, with the the knowledge of RT and LT governments though decades.

10. Water shortage, as the sand mafia busy in smuggling sand from the main rivers of Kerala.

11. Hills, are bulldozed, sold the mud, and property  cum real estate mafia, with the knowledge both congress  and  communists governments, for the past many years..

12. For food Kerala look Tamilnadu, Andra pradesh, Karnataka, and some North Indian states, holding begging  bowls.

13. The rich elite christian community holding the  major share of plantations, mainly Rubber  and  other  produce.

14. These people during the British rule got exemptions for their products, now run to Delhi  with grievances on Rubber, see the  policy  talking of  the CM.

15. Kerala has no food  security on her own, dependent on other states, abuse and blame the PM, for his statement.

My viewpoints-

1. Kerala is at the bottom, in food production, fell  to  this  condition, due to poor policy, and poor governance, since state formation  to  till  this  day.

2. Kerala people are lazy, afraid of manual  work, greedy of  neo  wealth, enter in  any  illegle activity to create wealth.

3. Politics is the main lively - hood  of / for  all.

4. A Failed state  in  all  sectors.

5. In  what capacity this CM says PM is  wrong.. ?


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