The Realisation of the Absolute :3-3-2.

Chapter 3: The Need for Integral Knowledge -3-2.


Even Devarshi Narada's knowledge is regarded by Sanatkumara as "mere name", mere words.

Narada gives a long list of the branches of knowledge in which he has specialised.

He implores Sanatkumara to teach him.

"Bhagavan, such a one, merely learned in sacred lore, I know not the Atman. It is already heard by me from people like you, Bhagavan, that he who knows the Atman crosses over sorrow. Such a one, Bhagavan, I am in sorrow. May Bhagavan take me, who am such a (sorrowful) one, across, to the other shore of sorrow." —Chh. Up., VII. 1. 3.

Even the highest intellectual perception belongs only to the realm of relativity.

No human being can claim to be omniscient and so he has no occasion to rejoice at his profits or grieve at his losses here.

The real is not this; the attainment of That alone can liberate the soul from sorrow.

Even death is not a bar in the process of the realisation of Truth.

Death is a reshuffling of consciousness to adjust and adapt itself to a different order of life.

The love for the knowledge of the Self cares not for such insignificant phenomena as the birth and the destruction of the body.

The need for the higher illumination is more serious a matter than the birth and the death of the overcoat, and the quest for the Absolute should be undertaken even sacrificing the dearest object, fearless of even the greatest pain and loss that may have to be encountered in the world.

It is a mistake to be interested in the different forms of perception, in the various categories of relative experience.

Nothing is worth a moment's notice except the realisation of Brahman.

The most pleasant, the sweetest joy derived through contact of the subject and the object is only a womb of pain; it has to be rejected for the sake of the Bliss that is true in the absolute sense.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued   .....


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