The Realisation of the Absolute :2. ( d )-6.

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

Even apparent contradictions are a sporting of the Absolute within itself.

Life is not a mistake of the soul or a delirium of spirit.

Samsara is not a curse but the process of the expansion of the self into Absoluteness.

Every act of existence is a turning for the better until the Absolute is realised.

The state of Perfection is neither an Indivisibility nor a Multiplicity but an Indivisible Multiplicity.

Diverse experiences in life are not contradictions but the multiple form of the one Nature felt diversely by different ego-centres due to their attachment to particular forms of experience.

The moment they begin to embrace the entirety of Nature, diversity will be experienced as a Self-revelation of the Absolute.

The world is not an illusion but a form of the Absolute.

The lower forms are steps to reach higher forms of experience and are not to be rejected as apparitions.

All forms, speeches and actions are the expressions of the Infinite Plenum in itself.

One has only to "realise" the meaning of its workings which appear to be conflicting in the unconscious plane but are in fact a harmonious and happy play of the Absolute.

Even materialism is a step in the path to Perfection.

Diverse experiences stimulate activity to achieve Truth-realisation.

Death is the beginning of a better life.

Evil is the starting point of a state leading to good.

Nothing is independent by itself.

All are interrelated and are knit together to form the Eternal Whole.

Everything is only a part of the Infinite Completeness.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued   .....


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