The Realisation of the Absolute :3-1-2.

Chapter 3: The Need for Integral Knowledge -1


Truth does not shine as Truth, owing to the inner instruments, the clogging psychological modifications.

The crossing the barrier of these limiting adjuncts seems to lead one to a vaster reality, greater freedom and fuller life.

There is a common desire-impulse in every being to exist for ever, to know all things, to domineer over everything, and to enjoy the highest happiness.

The statement of the Upanishads that the cognition of manifoldness is the path leading to self-destruction is adorned by the supreme exhortation that the perception of Unity leads to the exalted state of Immortality.

Every form of cogitation in spite of individualistic cravings that may try to obstruct it, flows, being impelled by an imperceptible power that moves towards the recognition of the indivisibility of existence, and a finding of oneself in the centre of its experience.

The aspiration of every living being is to find rest in the blissful possession of eternal life, and nothing short of it.

The sorrow of phenomenal life is rooted in the clinging to relational living fed by the wrong notion that manifoldness is the truth.

The joy of the immensity of everlasting life is partaken of by cutting the root of the tree of individual life with the axe of integrated wisdom.

The march of the soul is from the false to the true, from the apparent to the real, from the shadow to the light, from the perishable to the ever-enduring.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued   .....


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