The Realisation of the Absolute :3-2-1.

Chapter 3: The Need for Integral Knowledge -2


The purpose of life on earth is the realisation of this stupendous depth of the Being of all beings, without which life becomes a failure.

"If one would know it here, then there is the true end of all aspirations. If one would not know it here, then great is the loss for such a person. Knowing it in every particular being, the wise, on departing from this world, become immortal" (Kena Up., II. 5).

There is a severe reproach to those who do not attempt at and succeed in the realisation of Truth.

"Godless are those worlds called, with blind darkness covered over, to which, on death, those who are the slayers of the Self go." —Isha Up., 3.

"He, who departs from this world without knowing That Imperishable Being, is wretched." —Brih. Up., III. 8. 10.

The teacher of the Brahmavidya is praised in glowing terms.

"You, truly, are our father, who take us across to the blessed other shore of ignorance." —Prashna Up., VI. 8.

The love for the Eternal is the essential passion that burns in the heart of all things.

Beings know it not, and so they suffer.

When we turn our face away from this one Reality, we open the door to self-imprisonment.

No achievement, either on earth or in heaven, no greatness pertaining to the world of name and form, is worth considering.

The love of life is based on the love of the Self.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued   .....


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