The Realisation of the Absolute :4-3-4.

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 3.4

3. Brahman as Bliss or Happiness-4.

The Being of Reality consists in Experience, uncontradicted by transcendence and untrammelled by modification.

In this One Whole all appearances get fused, and they vanish into it.

This Reality-Experience is one and attributeless, true to itself which is Alone, above thought, and above every partial aspect of being, but including all, none of which can be complete without getting itself merged in the fully real, which is the Absolute.

This Being can only be One, because experience is always a Whole, and because dissatisfaction is the effect of a faith in all independent pluralities and external relations which endlessly contradict themselves.

The Absolute is experienced as the same Illimitable Immensity, even if it is approached in millions of ways.

The Absolute does not act, as action is impossible without ego-consciousness which will be a discrepancy in the perfection of the Absolute.

Thought and speech are equally illogical conceptions in an absolute condition.

There is no comparison, no illustration, no form of reasoning that can determine the nature of the Absolute.

The Real is supra-rational. It is experienced and not understood. It is the most intensely positive Fact, nothing is truer than the Absolute.

Everything other than That is a cipher. It is spaceless and timeless, indivisible and undecaying. It is, as it were, something in which the whole existence seems to be lost, but it is That in which everything is found in the hardest form of reality.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...