The Realisation of the Absolute :4-3-11.

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 3.11.

3. Brahman as Bliss or Happiness-11.

Even when no objects exist, this Self-love does not suffer any diminution.

In deep sleep, when no objects are experienced, the happiness of the Self remains the same.

One would reject even the dearest object for the sake of the happiness of deep sleep.

Even a vast kingdom is nothing when sleep supervenes.

The happiness of deep sleep where there is no contact is greater than the pleasure derived through sense-contact.

There are occasions when one feels that one is fed up with everything, and gets disgusted even with the dearest of possessions.

The freedom and joy experienced at that time is greater than the semblance of satisfaction felt during attachment to and love for objects.

All this suggests that the centre of happiness is, in the end, the Absolute Self.

What joy one obtains in ordinary life is only a distorted reflection of Self-Bliss through the mind, and hence it is inconstant and never satisfying.

No doubt, the happiness of deep sleep is not reflected through any psychosis allowing intelligence therein, but it is because of the absence of consciousness in deep sleep that its value is not realised.

The mind, in its unmanifested condition, exists in deep sleep and obstructs the manifestation of bliss illumined by consciousness.

The annihilation of the stuff of the thinking process, both in its developed and undeveloped stages, is what is necessary for the realisation of Eternal Bliss.

This Bliss is experienced in the Self itself, and not anywhere else. As the Self is absolute in its nature, the Bliss of the Self, also, is absolute.

Bliss is not an attribute but the very essence of the Self.

The Self is Brahman, and Self-Bliss is Brahman-Bliss.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...


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