The Realisation of the Absolute :2. ( c )-5.

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

(C): The World as Cosmic Thought : 5.

"The One, other than which there is none." —Rigveda, X. 129. 2.

"The Immortal is concealed by (empirical) reality." —Brih Up., I. 6. 3.

"As it were he moves," "as it were another exists," "he goes to death after death who perceives here plurality as it were." —Brih. Up., IV. 3. 7; IV. 3. 31; IV. 4. 19.

"With the knowledge of the Atman everything becomes known." —Brih Up., II. 4. 5.

"One should know that prakriti is illusion." —Svet. Up., IV. 10.

"The Atman is where the world is effaced out." —Mand. Up., 7.

It follows that there can never be a reality outside the Eternal Self.

This seems to be the end of philosophical thinking, beyond which there can be no further progress.

The Upanishads assert as their main declaration of truth that the Atman or the Brahman is the sole reality, that with its knowledge all becomes known, and that there is no plurality whatsoever.

The form of the world of plurality is an illusion, though the ultimate essence of the world is real.

Even transmigration is a dream of consciousness.

The world is not a creation of or an emanation from Brahman, nor is it pervaded by Brahman as by something which is not itself, but here and now, everything is Brahman.

Swami Krishnananda

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