The Realisation of the Absolute :2. ( c )-4.

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

(C): The World as Cosmic Thought : 4.

"Everything, except That the Atman, is wretched." —Brih. Up., III. 4. 2.

"There is nothing second to it." —Brih. Up., IV. 3. 23.

"When one creates a difference, there is fear for him." —Taitt. Up., II. 7.

There is no duality.

All modification is illusory.

Differentiation cannot be established.

Where there is no duality there is no death.

That which did not exist in the beginning (Ait. Up., I. 1.) and does not exist in the end (Brih. Up., II. 4. 14., Chh. Up., VII. 24), cannot exist in the present (Katha Up., IV. 11).

Since Brahmam does not create a world second to it, the world loses its reality.

The central tone of the Upanishads reveals everywhere a disbelief in the world of forms ever since the Rigveda declared that the sages give many names to that which is essentially One (Rigveda, I. 164. 46).

This leads further to the conception that plurality is only an idea and that Unity alone is real.

Swami Krishnananda

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