The Realisation of the Absolute :2. ( c )-3.

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

(C): The World as Cosmic Thought : 3.

Since the subject is the correlate of the object, and vice versa, neither of them can be said to be more real than the other.

And, as they are divided, they are not the Reality which is by nature differenceless.

The validity of the double existence of the subject and the object, thus, automatically gets cancelled in being qua being.

This does not lead to nihilism.

Though no thing exists, it is not true that nothing exists, for consciousness exists.

Consciousness cannot cease to be.

Even the denial of everything allows the consciousness of existence of the one that denies.

Consciousness of existence persists even if we think we are dead.

This existence is the unlimited Absolute.

"Modification is merely a name, a distinction of speech." —Chhandoghya . Upanishad., VI. 1. 4.

It is asserted that the underlying substance alone is real and various methods are employed to prove the invalidness of the form of the world of diversity (Chh. Up., VI. 1. 4-6).

Being alone exists (Ibid., VI. 2. 1).

A thoroughgoing non-dualism is propounded by Uddalaka, Sanatkumara and Yajnavalkya.

The Supreme Brahmam is matchless and secondless.

Aught else than the Absolute is a mere tinsel show.

Swami Krishnananda

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