The Realisation of the Absolute :2.(a).3.

The Realisation of the Absolute :

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

(a).The Dissertation on Experience-3.

The whole cosmos seems to be a restless field where dynamic powers are arrayed in battle as if to extirpate themselves for a nobler cause.

Tranquillity can well be said to be non-existent in the history of the space-time world.

Struggle is the meaning of phenomenal endurance.

The Upanishads solve the riddle of relative strife through the intuitive perception of the Essence.

The heroic leap of the individual into the unknown is the expression of the want of a superior joy.

The dissatisfaction with limitedness in life directs the soul to catch the fullness of perfection in the truth of its Integrality, with which the individualised condition is not endowed.

Hence, universal movement and individual effort, though differing in their altruism of nature, can be understood as a reflection of the tendency to Self-Perfection of Being.

The pressure of the truth of the absoluteness of consciousness is the source of the force that compels individuals to transcend their finitude and find their eternal repose in it alone.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  .....