The Realisation of the Absolute :2.(a).1.

The Realisation of the Absolute :

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

(a).The Dissertation on Experience-1.

The world is a presentation of outward variety and seeming contradiction in existence.

It is a disintegrated appearance of the Absolute, a limited expression of Infinitude, a degeneration of the majesty of immortal Consciousness, a diffused form of the spiritual Completeness, a dissipated manifestation of changeless Eternity.

Each of such separated entities of the world claims for itself an absolutely independent existence and regards all objective individuals as the not-Self.

The not-Self is always considered to be in absolute contradiction to or at least absolutely distinguished from the self's own localised being.

The exclusion of other limited objective bodies from one's own subjective self involves a relation between the two, and this relation is the force that keeps intact the network of diverse consciousness.

Everything hangs on the other thing for its subsistence through contact.

A lack of the character of self-sufficiency discloses the deceitful nature of the relative reality of things marked off within themselves.
The obvious fact that every demarcated entity expresses within itself an urge to relate itself to other objective beings through internal psychoses and sense-operations points out the inability and impossibility of individualised centres of consciousness to maintain the apparent truth of their professed self-existence.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  .....


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