The Essence of Dharma-15.


Spoken on February 11th, 1973)

Jneyam yat tat pravakshyami yaj jnatvamrtam asnute,

anadimat param brahma na sat tan nasad ucyate. (Gita, Ch-13, Slo-12. )

sarvatah panipadam tat sarvatokshisiromukham,

sarvatah srutimal loke sarvam avrtya tishati.  ( Gita, Ch--13, Slo-13. )

 sarvendriyagunabhasam  sarvendriyavivarjitam, 

asaktam  sarvabhrccaiva  nirgunam  gunabhoktr ca. (Gita. Ch-13, Slo-14. )

bahir antas ca bhutanam acaram caram eva ca,

sukshmatvat tad avijneyam durastham canthike ca tat (Gita, Ch-13, 15.)

It is both inside and outside. What a wonder it is!
This is the transcendent solution of the mystery between spirit and matter.
We cannot understand it because it is subtler than our understanding.
It looks very far because it is infinite, but it is very near because it is the Self of the thinker himself.


Avibhaktam ca bhuteshu vibhaktam iva ca sthitam,

bhutabhartru ca taj jneyam grasishnu  prabhavishnu ca (Gita 13.16) : -

Though things are divided, it is undivided within the divided being.

Jyotisham api taj jyotis tamasah param ucyate,

 jnanam  jneyam  jnanagamyam  hrudi  sarvasya  vishtitam (Gita 13.17) : -

It is inside our very heart.
This supreme solution to the mystery and enigma of the dichotomy between spirit and matter is hidden within our very heart.
 can we understand it?

We cannot see our own eyes; we cannot see our own back.
Such is the tremendous significance of our activities, our conduct.
This is the nature of dharma.

To be continued ...
Swami Krishnananda


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