Religion and Social Values-1.4.

Chapter 1: The Circumstances in Which We Have to Live in the World-4.

Go down deep into your own mind and think for yourself.

Who has peace in this world?

That tentative comfort that you may be enjoying in life—either due to your placement in society, your financial status or your physical condition—is, again, a matter of apprehension.

Who can be always healthy?

Who can be always wealthy?

And who can be always secure in this world?

Hence, who can always have peace?

This medical analysis of the mental states of people will reveal not happy conclusions.

But unhappiness is loathsome.

Illness is what we detest, and comfort is the aim of our social and physical existence.

While inwardly we are secretly made to be conscious of something which is at sixes and sevens with the world, outwardly we are pressurised, due to another circumstance, to comfort ourselves that everything is all right.

Swami Krishnananda
 To be continued ....