Waiting For The Day Kashmir Becomes Part of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif & Why does the Pakistani Military Establishment propagate hatred against India?


A. Brothers and Sisters of Kashmir, do not value our love to this part of our Nation Bharatham,

B. Instead foolishly develop enmity and hatred against Bharatham ,

C. Bharatham spending, lot of money, for you people but you have no regard on our generosity, why ?   


Sub : Waiting For The Day Kashmir Becomes Part of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif
Ref :Media reports - News-18.

Islamabad: Pakistan is waiting for the day Kashmir becomes its part, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Friday after his party PML-N swept PoK's legislative assembly elections.

Addressing a public gathering in Muzaffarabad, Sharif said, "We are waiting for the day Kashmir becomes (part of) Pakistan."

In his first public address following his return from London after an open-heart surgery in May, Sharif urged Kashmiris "not to forget those in Kashmir who are sacrificing their lives for their movement for freedom".

"Their movement for freedom cannot be stopped and it will be successful. You are aware of how they are being beaten and killed. All our prayers are with them and we are waiting for the day Kashmir becomes (part of) Pakistan," Sharif was quoted as saying by Dawn News.

PML-N is set to form the next government in PoK as the unofficial results of the election for 41 direct seats of the legislative assembly on Thursday suggested a landslide victory for the party.
"I saw the election results at night and thought that if our victory is evident, I will travel to Muzaffarabad to congratulate my brothers and sisters. I was told to go tomorrow or day after tomorrow, but said I can't wait, I want to go tonight," he said.

The Premier thanked the people of PoK for their support, conveying his gratitude to the crowd for their prayers for his recovery.

He slammed those engaging in "negative politics" against the PML-N and congratulated the people for voting for the party.

Prime Minister Sharif's party emerged victorious in the assembly elections held on Thursday in which a total of 26 political parties and 423 candidates took part.

Pakistan People's Party (PPP), which won the last polls, could only manage to win two seats while cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan's Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf (PTI) also got as many with the Muslim Conference bagging three.

It was expected that there would be a stiff competition between the three mainstream parties -- Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), PPP and Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf but the PML-N routed them, stunning political pundits.

A total of 2.674 million Kashmiris exercised their right to franchise on Thursday to elect members for the PoK Legislative Assembly, which will be the ninth since the parliamentary form of government was introduced there in 1975.

While the region is spread over 14,245 square kilometres, the polling process is not restricted to this area and instead stretches to entire Pakistan because members for 12 out of the 41 directly elected seats are elected by 438,884 voters living in various parts of the country.

Some 12 are reserved for refugees from Kashmir in Pakistan.


Sub : Why does the Pakistani Military Establishment propagate hatred against India?

Ref : Media Reports - Quora news-

It is a commonly known fact that Pakistanis are ‘in search of identity’.
The Arabs look down upon them, since they are not Arabs. The Iranis look down upon them, since they are not Persians. They are South Asians with nothing to unite them as a country.

From the secession of East Pakistan to form Bangladesh in 1971 to the on-going conflict in Baluchistan, the contestation that the country has faced since its independence in 1947 indeed suggests that Pakistan has not reached a consensual conception of the nation.

The two-nation theory, which postulates that South-Asian Hindus and Muslims cannot live harmoniously in the same state, has provided the main ideological foundation for Pakistani state nationalism, yet it has failed to act as a unifying concept the way it did in the years leading up to Partition.

Pakistani Military & Government are controlled by Ethnic Punjabis. Most of their important positions of power are filled by Punjabis. Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad are the power centres and parts of Punjab.

This leads to a loss of identity for the Balochs, Sindhis, PoK, and NWFP residents.

What can stop their movements demanding greater autonomy if not secession?

The answer is what we all know, find a common enemy, the bogeyman, the enemy of your existence - INDIA

By keeping Hindus & India as the greater threat, Pakistani Military has ensured that the secessionist movements in various parts of Pakistan are under control.

It is time for the Pakistani population to remove the veil from their eyes and realize that rather than India, the greatest threat to their nation are the generals sitting in Rawalpindi

Note :
1. This man Nawas Sherif, who does not have guts and capacity to lead his country in a disciplined way, jealous on India's progress, mutter some foolish words, which we never allow him,  even to  dream ...
2. Pakistan and her stupid leaders wasted most valuable time accusing Bharatham, instead if they maintain charecter to accept this Bharatham is the far far superior  in every respect, because of her calmness, peaceful attitude, so long ...
3. Pakistan never going to learn anything from her past, still live in chaos, dilemma, terroism, while army, isi, and rich politicians exploit the people, and make the nation diminishing day by day..

My views  -
1. Pakistan never support peaceful, coexistence, dialogue a wasting exercise,
2. The leaders  are so dirty, who live in hatred  so  long, never going to accept reality,
3.  This  foolish  country needs, equal reaction from  us for  her  stupid  actions.

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