Pakistan won't realise Kashmir dream: Sushma Swaraj :


A. Brothers and Sisters of Kashmir, do not value our love to this part of our Nation Bharatham,

B. Instead foolishly develop enmity and hatred against Bharatham ,

C. Bharatham spending, lot of money, for you people but you have no regard on our generosity, why ?  

D. You Kashmiri people belong to Bharatham, but you disloyal citizens of Bharatham, throw stones against security forces, who are protecting you from terrorists, disgraceful.

E. We people of bharatham are very sad about this state, ruined because of your uncivilised activities ........, awake and get rid of  your stupid demonic activities, and see  the Truth.

 Sub : Pakistan won't realise Kashmir dream: Sushma Swaraj :

Ref : Media Reports -The Indian Express - 24 July 2016.

A day after Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Kashmir will one day be part of Pakistan, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Saturday said that this “dream will not be realised even at the end of eternity”.

This is the strongest statement so far by the Ministry of External Affairs in the wake of Pakistan’s statements on Kashmir. Islamabad has been reaching out to the international community over the last two weeks and even observed a Black Day earlier this week.

“Behind Pakistan’s unabashed embrace and encouragement to terrorism lies its delusional though dangerous dream that ‘Kashmir will one day become Pakistan’, as Prime Minister Sharif said yesterday.

The whole of India would like to tell Prime Minister of Pakistan that this dream will not be realised even at the end of eternity. The whole of Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India. You will never be able to make this heaven on earth a haven for terrorists,” Swaraj said, flanked by Ministers of State M J Akbar and General (retd) V K Singh.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, she said, says his good wishes are with the people of Kashmir. “Sadly, it’s not Pakistan’s good wishes or moral or diplomatic support but its weapons and terrorism that it has exported to Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s dirty money, dangerous terrorists and duplicitous state institutions seek to destabilise the region. The statement of none other than the Prime Minister of Pakistan has betrayed this despicable design. But I would like to repeat that this dream of Pakistan will never be fulfilled,” she said.

She said the leadership of Pakistan, including its Prime Minister, praised Burhan Wani, a wanted terrorist commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen, as a martyr. “He was carrying an award of Rs 10 lakh on his head because he had perpetrated heinous crimes, including murder of elected representatives of local bodies and security forces/personnel,” she said.

“Even more condemnable than these deplorable attempts from across our border to incite violence and glorify terrorists is the fact that these attempts have been undertaken by Pakistan’s state machinery in active partnership with UN-designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed and other leading terrorists belonging to internationally proscribed organisations,” she said.

She took on Pakistan for its comments on human rights violations in Kashmir. “The country which has used fighter planes and artillery against millions of its own people has no right whatsoever to point a finger against our brave, professional and disciplined police and other security forces.

Their restraint and respect for their fellow citizens is evident in the unusually high number of the injured personnel — more than 1700 — in the violence unleashed with the support from across the border in Jammu and Kashmir,” she said.

Note :
 1. This man Nawas Sherif, who does not have guts and capacity to lead his country in a disciplined way, jealous on India's progress, mutter some foolish words, which we never allow him,  even to  dream ...

 2. Pakistan and her stupid leaders wasted most valuable time accusing Bharatham, instead if they maintain charecter to accept this Bharatham is the far far superior  in every respect, because of her calmness, peaceful attitude, so long ...

 3. Pakistan never going to learn anything from her past, still live in chaos, dilemma, terroism, while army, isi, and rich politicians exploit the people, and make the nation diminishing day by day..

 My views  -
 1. Pakistan never support peaceful, coexistence, dialogue a wasting exercise,

 2. The leaders  are so dirty, who live in hatred  so  long, never going to accept reality,

 3.  This  foolish  country needs, equal reaction from  us for  her  stupid  actions.

4. The above photos of Seriff show his  hatred and treacherous nature, about / on India.

5. All Pakistanis are alike, we can not have faith in their words, as they are not true and honest.

 Thank you for reading

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