The Realisation of the Absolute : 4.5.5.

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 5.5
5. Brahman as God or Ishvara-5.

Ishvara is the manifested Form of Reality. He is the Saguna-Brahman, the Absolute endowed with all glorious attributes.
This qualified Reality, though the highest open to any of us, is not the highest in itself.

But, as long as the Real in itself is of no practical utility in our processes of thought, life and action, it is immaterial, so far as life is concerned, whether the highest Reality is qualified or not.

As long as we live within the boundaries of the rational intellect, the Highest in itself cannot be taken as a part of life’s considerations, and we are bound to be satisfied with what is highest from our own standpoint.

The Cosmic Person, though not an independent existence from the standpoint of the Brahman of intuition, is much more real than the universe and its individual contents.

Though below Brahman, God is above the world, and controls the world as its perfect master.
So long as our personality is real, God also is real, and, if the personal God is to be rejected as unreal, we ourselves have no right to live as individuals.
Swami Krishnananda
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