The Realisation of the Absolute :4-1-6.

Rishikese :-

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 1


We read of Sanatkumara leading the thought of Narada from inadequate conceptions of Truth to more adequate conceptions, until at last he asserts the supremacy of the Bhuma, the “absolutely great”, the “unlimited”, beyond which there is nothing, which comprehends all, fills all space, and is identical with the Self in us.

This Bhuma is the Essential Brahman where one sees nothing else, hears nothing else, understands nothing else. It is Bliss and Immortality, the plenum of felicity.
This is the Complete Being.

Now, the conception of Reality as constituting being gives rise simultaneously to the idea of non-being.

The Rigveda (X. 129. 1) says that in the beginning there was neither non-being nor being (na asad asit, no sad asit).

Being was not, because there was no non-being.

Non-being was not, for there was no being.

Truth is a super-intellectual transcendence of the ideas of being and non-being, of whatever is concerned with the temporal relations of thought, for in what is Real there is no psychosis of any kind.

According to the Rigveda, even “immortality and death are its shadows”.

Whatever truly exists is the Real.

Swami Krishnananda
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