The Essence of Dharma-25.


Spoken on February 11th, 1973)
Kama is equally important. Kama means the necessity to fulfil emotional demands. Psychoanalysis of the West has gone very far in this subject.
It is a very interesting subject, which everyone should read and study well, though you need not accept every one of its conclusions.
Everything has good in it; everything has some defect also in it.

Psychoanalysis is the study of what happens when emotions are repressed, which will also tell you how necessary it is to fulfil emotions.
Emotion is a desire that arises in the mind.
A longing, a craving, a wish, a preference, a like – that is called an emotion.
If you have a tremendous longing and do not fulfil it, you know very well what will happen. Therefore, longings have to be fulfilled under the regulation of dharma.

Dharmaviruddho bhuteshu kamo’smi bharatarshabha (Gita 7.11 second line ) : -
Arjuna, I am kama which is regulated by dharma, is not unbridled kama, but kama, or fulfilment of desire, which is justifiable according to the law of dharma.
That God Himself is.
If you do not justifiably, rationally and moderately fulfil your emotional needs, you will not be a sane person.

You will be an abnormal being, and therefore, it is essential.
But you should not fulfil your emotions against the law of dharma. Otherwise, you will be an abandoned person condemned in society.
You will be dubbed unethical and immoral.
So again we are here in a difficult quandary of living.
 Life is difficult; it is not a joke.
Life is a science, and all science is difficult to master.

To be continued ..
                                                                          Swami Krishnananda


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