The Essence of Dharma-19.


Spoken on February 11th, 1973)

The universe, therefore, is everything. We can regard it as a person; it will speak to us as a person. We can regard it as a condition of consciousness. We can regard it as a place. Or we can regard it as a spirit. It is everything.

Amrutam  caiva  mrutyus  ca  sad  asac  caham  arjuna (Gita 9.19): - 

"I am the Amruth bhavam of Devas; I am the mruthu bhavam of dead; I am the all physical thing seen by eyes; and also whatever not seen by eyes too;"  ....

Gatir  bharta  prabhuh  sakshi  nivasah  saranam   suhruta,

prabhavah   pralayah   sthanam  nidhanam  bijam  avyam (Gita 9.18) : -

The movements of all elements; their ( elements ) governing head; their witness; their placements; their devotions; the attitude of helping without any selfishness; their creation and destruction;  their essence; their cause; all I am only. 

 Tapamyaham  aham   varsham   nigrahana  myutsyajami  ca,

amrutam   caiva  mrutyus  (Gita 9.19) :-

 I am death and immortality both, day and night combined. Immortality and death are both shadows of this Supreme Being. Even immortality is regarded as a shadow only.

It is not Ultimate Reality. Immortality and death are both shadows, as it were, cast by the Supreme Being. What is it? : not existence, not non-existence. Existence and non-existence – both it is, and beyond that also.

Such is the grandest, supreme structural pattern of the universe. It is not so simple as physicists conceive. And that is the determining factor of our conduct in daily life. You can imagine how difficult it is to live in this world, and how difficult it is to conceive what dharma is, because dharma is nothing but the inward growth into the concept of this relevance of our personality with the cosmic existence. That is dharma. Inward growth is dharma. It is not an external performance of a routine or activity. Now, what is this inward growth? It is the growth into knowledge.

To be continued ..
Swami Krishnananda


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