The Realisation of the Absolute :4-3-1..

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 3.1

3. Brahman as Bliss or Happiness-1.

Absolute Being is the highest perfection. Perfection is Bliss.

The Self is the seat of Absolute Love, Love without an object outside it.

It is Bliss without objectification, for Brahman-Bliss is not derived through contact of subject and object.

Here, Love and Bliss are Existence itself.

That which is, is Bliss of Consciousness which is Being.

The highest aim of all endeavour is deliverance from the present condition of limited life and the reaching of “the Bhuma which is Bliss”.

“The great Infinite alone is Bliss, there is no bliss in the small finite.

Where there is neither seeing nor hearing nor knowing of anything else which is a second entity—that is the Infinite” (Chh. Up., VII. 23, 24).

Absolute Existence which is Absolute Knowledge is also Absolute Bliss.

The Consciousness of Bliss experienced is in proportion to the growth and expansion that we feel in the conscious being of ourselves.

Sat-chit-ananda does not imply a threefold existence, but is Absolute Self-Identity.

The world appears to be real, intelligent and blissful, because it projects itself on the background of something which is essentially Reality-Intelligence-Bliss. “That, verily, is the essence.

Only on getting this essence, does one become blissful.

Else, who would breathe and who would live—if there were no bliss in existence (space)!

Truly, this essence is the source of bliss” (Taitt. Up., II. 7).

This Essence is impartite bliss and is fearlessness, but, “if one would create even the least difference in this, there is fear for him”.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...


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