Karma Yoga is the best Yoga for modern man. It enables you to attain God-realization quickly. King Janaka was a dynamic Karma Yogi, and yet, at the same time, he was a Jnani. Mahatma Gandhi had exalted himself through Karma Yoga. There is in the daily routine of life a vast field for everyone to purify and elevate oneself. Even in family life, Karma Yoga is an essential requisite.

If everybody were selfish, there would be no peace in the home. Strong attachment breeds possessiveness, which is a selfish trait and is a negation of true love. Adaptability, amity and understanding, a little of self-denial and co-operation, help much in the promotion of peace in the house. All these can be effected through Karma Yoga.

Duty for duty's sake, without expectation of its fruits (which is the bane of worldly life), without inordinate likes and dislikes, without selfish attachment, offering all actions and fruits thereof to the Lord (viz. as worship done as an instrument in His hands), should be the ideal.

Glory be to the selfless workers! May you all rejoice in bliss eternal by doing selfless service!





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