To a real Karma Yogi meditation comes automatically and the knowledge of the Upanishads dawns on him easily. He gets all knowledge from the Book of Knowledge Within through the grace of God. Mere service alone is not enough either. In the early morning the Karma Yogi should spend some time in Japa, Kirtan, meditation, study of religious books and a little of Asanas and Pranayama. During work also he may repeat the Name of God, silently. He may have another sitting for meditation before retiring to bed at night.

The Sadhaka engaged in selfless service may at times, encounter vexation and disappointment. But let him proceed undaunted. Let him be staunch in his devotion to duty. His sincerity will turn all obstacles into aid; for the Lord Himself will mysteriously help and sustain him in his work. This has been invariably the experience of all self-sacrificing Sadhakas. Therefore, let courage and trust in God be your watchwords every moment.

Means to Realization : The practice of Karma Yoga is a sure means for developing devotion to the Lord and attaining the Vedantic realization of Oneness. Without its practice no one can even dream of attaining either Bhakti or Jnana even through years of effort. Service, it may be said, is Bhakti or Jnana expressed through action. The true expression of love is not through words, but through service. Jnana or the knowledge of oneness of life is experienced through service of the one Self in all. In the plant of Karma Yoga blossom the flowers of Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga.


To be continued  ..


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