A Jivanmukta is a sustainer of the world. He is a source of perpetual inspiration. He is an embodiment through which divine grace is transmitted to the unregenerated men.

Like flowers that bloom to scent and purify the air around, great souls like Sadasiva Brahman, Yajnavalkya, spring up in the world to gladden men's heart and to lead them to immortality and perfection.

The Jivanmukta is a power-house of spiritual energy. He radiates his spiritual currents to the different comers of the world. Sit before him. Your doubts will be cleared by themselves. You will feel a peculiar thrill of joy and peace in his presence.

The Jivanmukta, like unto holy waters, purifies others by mere sight, touch, and the utterance of his name. Sometimes he remains unnoticed. Sometimes he becomes known to those who desire welfare. He eats food offered to him by pious devotees and burns up their past and future evils or impurities.

A Jivanmukta or a saint is the ultimate source of Knowledge of the soul. Satsang with a Jivanmukta even for a minute is much better than rulership of a kingdom. His very presence is thrilling and inspiring. Seek his company and evolve. Serve him with faith and devotion.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued  ...


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