Immortal Values : 7.

7. Proper Conduct

Coming to the end of the “Convocation Address” given to the students, the Rishi says: Now if there should arise any doubt regarding your acts or any uncertainty in respect of your conduct in life and with regard to those who are falsely accused of some crime, you should conduct yourselves exactly in the same manner as do the brahmanas there, who are thoughtful, religious, not set on by others, not cruel, and are devoted to dharma.

An ideal Brahmin should be one who is not set on by others. He must not be cruel. He must be a self – dedicated champion of the greater values of life as explained in the immortal scriptures. Such men of dedicated life, firmly established in their ideas and stoutly independent, are the true sons of the Hindu culture, and the student is asked to follow them whenever there is a doubt regarding either action or conduct.

The above passages, starting with satyam vada, consisting of twenty – five items and divisible into six waves of thought, constitute the sacred commandments of Hinduism.

The waves of thought as indicated in this section are advice regarding :

(1) the individual himself,

(2) his relationship with others,

(3) his right action in the world,

(4) his attitude toward the eminent men of culture,

(5) the laws of charity, and

(6) his duty to follow the eminent living men of his own times.

In the seventh wave of thought, the teacher concludes by saying that these commandments are to be followed diligently by every intelligent seeker who lives a life for a higher cultural purpose — more than mere worldly ambitions and secular activities.

In short, over the shoulders of the students, as it were, the Rishi is addressing the entire community to follow these commandments and bring about the perfect cultural and spiritual unfoldment in themselves and in the society.



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