The Essence of Dharma-11.


Now the question comes, “How is the universe conscious?” I will come to that point slowly again.

The scientists’ viewpoint is that the universe is a single undivided continuum of force.

Mark the word ‘undivided’, which means to say that there is nothing external to the universe, outside the universe.

Even according to our top physicists of modern times, there is nothing external to the universe. The universe is one, and it is one in a very peculiar sense that it is an undivided continuum.

A continuum is the nature of that particular pattern of existence wherein divisions cannot be imagined.

It is like the flow of the Ganga, the mass of water in the ocean, or whatever you may regard as a suitable comparison for this state of affairs.

The universe is a continuity and a pattern of flow of events which cannot be distinguished ultimately one from the other.

That means to say, there is nothing outside the universe.

I am repeating this again and again so that the point may become clear to your mind.

There is nothing external to the universe, according to modern physical science.

To be continued ...
Swami Krishnananda


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