The Realisation of the Absolute :4- 2 -1.

Chapter 4: The Nature of Reality : 2 -1.

2. Brahman as Consciousness or Intelligence -1.

What is, then, the nature of this Absolute Existence?

The inmost being in us, our own existence itself, shall solve the problem.

We find that we cannot make a distinction between our being and our consciousness.

To think of being as the real, and yet as different from consciousness, seems to be impossible.

Just as we cannot deny being, so also we cannot deny consciousness.

We can deny the objects and states of consciousness, but we can never deny consciousness itself.

In every one of our attempts to do so, it asserts its existence before we even begin to think properly.

Consciousness is the most positive of facts, the datum of all experience.

It transcends all limits of space, time and causality.

Consciousness is never limited, for the very consciousness of the fact of limitation is proof of its transcendental unlimitedness.

Swami Kriashnananda
To be continued  ...