The Realisation of the Absolute :2.(b).12.

The Realisation of the Absolute :

Chapter-2.The Nature of the World

(b) .The Critique of Duality - 12.

A God who changes Himself is not a permanent being.

God's self-revelation requires a change in the total existence itself, which process is logically inadmissible.

Divine revelation is in relation to the consciousness of the individual and is not an eternal fact of existence.

Existence is itself full and perfect and dissipation within it is not admitted by reason.

The denial of multitudinousness does not, as it is sometimes supposed, reduce the rich life of the world to a dream-shadow.

It is not known how variety in existence adds to the richness of the Absolute.

The richness of the part is not equal to the magnificence of the Whole.

The grandeur of the relative world is dependent on the imagination of the individual.

To a person who has opened his eye of true consciousness the world does not appear as such.

We cannot see any cogency in the argument that it is possible to have worldly enjoyment together with the knowledge of the Absolute.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  .....