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Ahimsa is a Mahavratam or "great universal vow". It should be practiced by all people of all countries. It does not concern the Hindus or Indians alone. Whoever wishes to realize the Truth must practice Ahimsa. You may encounter any amount of difficulties; you may sustain any amount of losses, but you must not give up the practice of Ahimsa. Trial and difficulties are bound to come in your way to test your strength. You should stand adamant. Then alone will your efforts be crowned with sanguine success.

There is a hidden power in Ahimsa which protects its practitioners. The invisible hand of God gives protection. There is no fear. What can pistols and swords do ?
Even now there are people who do not give the least pain to any living creature. They carry sugar and rice for distribution to ants in their holes. They do not use lights at night for fear of killing the small insects. They are very careful while walking in the streets, as they do not wish to trample upon small insects.

Blessed are these men. They will soon see God as they have very soft hearts. 

Swami Sivananda


                      Swami Sivananda- 8th. of September, 1887  to  14th of July 1963

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Peace is a divine attribute. It is a quality of the soul. It cannot remain with greedy persons. It fills the pure heart. It desserts the lustful. It runs away from selfish people. It is an ornament of a Paramahamsa.

Peace is a state of quiet. It is freedom from disturbance, anxiety, agitation, riot of violence. It is harmony, silence, calm, repose, rest. Specifically, it is the absence or cessation of war.
Peace is the happy, natural state of man. It is his birthright. War is his disgrace.
Everybody wants peace and is clamouring for peace; but peace does not come easily. Even if it comes, it does not last for a long time. 

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